Floyd Mayweather’s Lavished Moments of 2018 You Never Imagined

Floyd Mayweather #goosebumps in 2018 that’ll make you want to choke. We selected a few moments which we believe gave him the shot of the year.

P. S. These images might be either offensive, defensive or motivative.

I post pictures like this to motivate my haters to get money.
People do not acknowledge “Little Floyd”. They do not recognize “Pretty Boy Floyd”. All they see is the “Money Mayweather” persona, the luxurious lifestyle and think that this was handed to me. Before the jets, yachts, Bugatti’s etc., I was always on my….
Chillin’ at my Royal Palace by my indoor pool…feeling like Scarface cause the world is mine!
Royal treatment…private massage on my private jet. Y’all talking about a prince with one princess, I’m a King with many Queens.
#FBF Before the Rolls Royce Wraith was even a production, the Rolls Royce Coupe was the first to have the starlight headliner, but I forgot a lot of people wouldn’t know anything about that because some just started driving luxury cars. As you can see
Short term sacrifices for long term rewards
#Tokyo #Japan


I’M GREAT…MY LEGACY IS GREATER. @kingkoraun @zion_mayweather
I’m so proud of my son @kingkoraun for doing something that I didn’t do, and that’s graduate high school. When I️ was his age, I️ dropped out of school and followed my dream of boxing to take my family out of poverty!
FOLLOW & WISH my daughter @moneyyaya a HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!!!
Sitting back smirking, making millions sitting on my ass. You can smell the bag through the photo and I’m not talking about this Louis Vuitton.
I got a new jet for my birthday #AirMayweather #TMT
I fuckin’ love my life.
I know you can barely see me because my kitchen is bigger than your house. Can you hear the echo by looking at the photo?
“All Black Everything”
Trying to decide what I want to take for a spin… The Phantom, The Wraith, The Drophead, The Dawn, The Maybach or The 488 Ferrari.


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