A lot of people have been advising her (May)wrongly – Pete Edochie




Pete Edochi Finally Speaks up About His Son’s (Yul) private life as issues mount on his taking of a second wife,Judy!

Since the saga began in early January and has been ongoing, netizens and fans have expressed concern about the turnaround of events, and have been longing to hear from the  grand and veteran actor, Pete Edochie who happens to be his father.

Although, Pete explained that he doesn’t interfere in his son’s personal affairs because he believes they’re all adults. He however granted interview with Chude Jideonwo.

Here’s the conversation ;

“PETE: First of all, Yul is 41 and I really don’t interfere in his affairs, no.  Suddenly we heard he’s picked up a second wife.

CHUDE: You didn’t know before he picked the wife up?

PETE: There is one thing you must know about me. I don’t lie, it’s not necessary. God created me so well, If I tell you this thing is black, it is black. You know, it’s like when he wanted to run for governor or something. When I saw his photograph, I thought it was introduction they were doing. There was someone who called me and said do you know something? Yul is running for governor and I said he must be crazy, how? I never heard it. I have 5 sons, I don’t interfere with their lives you know. If they say daddy, so and so thing is happening, good, if they don’t tell me, I don’t bother. If they tell me, beautiful. We just heard it and that’s it.

CHUDE: So you suddenly heard that he had taken a wife?

PETE: Yeah, we did, we did. There is something we always say in igbo: ‘if you go and pick up ant infested firewood, it’s a direct invitation to the lizards, come to roast, right?’ So, here I am and that’s all.

Mary is not just a daughter-in-law. I don’t want to say that I love Mary more than the other wives of my sons but the love I have for Mary is so strong, why? the father and I were very close. Yes and when we went for the traditional marriage rites in their place, the kind of reception their people gave me, I will never forget. Mary is a girl I love to the marrow. By the way, she is a wonderful person. Mary is a very very brilliant girl. You may not know that. Mary is a computer wizard, that lady you’re looking at, right and to a very large extent, the success of that home is to Mary’s credit, yeah. But again you know things like this happen and it’s so difficult to convince her that you’re not part of it. You know Mary is a wonderful person. In fact, I just had my 76th birthday and the message she put out was so endearing. Mary is a wonderful woman.

A lot of people have been advising her wrongly, you know, trying to see if they can sunder the link between herself and her husband. Most of these women who are advising her that way don’t have good homes. They don’t.”

Recall that May(Mary),Yul’s first wife had moved out of Yul’s life shortly after she lost her first son, and had filed for divorce.

He also expressed concern about his onscreen daughters whose marriages had failed. The likes of Tonto Dikeh, Chioma Chukwuka and Ireti.