Billionaire Daughter DJ Cuppy Says She Gets Voted As Worst Dressed in Nigeria Every Year




Billionaire Daughter and Disc Jockey Florence Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy Says She Gets Voted as worst dressed in Nigeria every year because of her no fashion sense.

Billionaire daughter Florence Otedola popularly known as DJ Cuppy hinted in an interview with the famous TV that she literally gets voted as worst dressed in Nigeria every year.

Giving her reasons, she said this is owing to the fact that she doesn’t care about fashion, glam, lux and stuff.

In the interview she points out the fact that her sister is more of a fashion person than she is. Cuppy says, “ oh my God, she is so hot! I genuinely like don’t have her genes or her fashion sense.” 

She added that people think there’s no way she and her sister Temitope Otedola are related, ”People look at us and they’re like there’s no way we’re related. We are literally 3 years apart.”

Cuppy not loving fashion, glam, lux and all of that has to do a lot with her type of job. She explains how the worst thing about her job is Glam and that her team literally begs her to glam, “ the worst thing about my job, I always say, is glam. Like my team have to beg me to like, you’d seem on TV looking really good and then you’d just see me like the club and you’ll be like, OMG!”

She added that she doesn’t t even like wearing makeup, lashes , nor even do her nails.

But, what about the nose rings, Isn’t that fashion at its extreme? Recall that in 2022, Cuppy revealed in a tweet about how her father, popular Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola and her fiance, Ryan Taylor were against her use of nose rings.

I feel she knows herself better than anyone else and for most part, she doesn’t rely on family’s wealth.

Reacting to her story, here’s what her fans have to say;

@Precious money: if na me talk this thing now Dem go say na because I broke. truth is no be every girl like to slay 🥰🥰

@Ghanaian Foodie: I believe her cos there are ppl like her out there.. I’m one of them

@Bianca: To me cuppy is the prettiest 🥺

@Aerglo❤️🦋: Why do people hate cuppy she’s such a pure soul

@Thirty-VI°👩🏾‍🍳: I absolutely believe her. Her track record literally backs her up

@iamfehyn💫: Yea she actually doesn’t care about glam,I love her like that🥰