Kim Kardashian makes fun of her law school journey after failing to pass the bar




Kim Kardashian’s law school journey takes an unexpected turn as news broke that she had not passed the bar exam on her first attempt.

In a surprising move, Kardashian chose to address her failure with a touch of humor.

She posted a picture of a Snoopy artwork to her Story which read: “I ain’t passed the bar, but I know a lil’ bit…”

The quote is a lyric from Jay Z’s hit song 99 Problems. Through her social media account, she candidly shared her experience, making light of the situation while acknowledging the challenges she faced. This approach showcased her ability to handle setbacks with grace and authenticity, endearing her even more to her millions of followers.

Despite not yet having qualified as a fully-fledged lawyer, Kim has already been able to achieve some successes in her legal career.

The TV star passing her baby bar exam in 2021. Her journey to this success was not an easy one, however, as it took the budding lawyer four attempts in order to pass.

Kardashian’s choice to study law was initially met with skepticism due to her celebrity background.

Critics questioned her commitment and labeled her endeavor as a mere publicity stunt. However, her actions proved otherwise. She engaged in a four-year apprenticeship at a law firm and demonstrated a genuine interest in criminal justice reform, particularly advocating for the release of non-violent offenders.

By openly discussing her law school journey and subsequent bar exam struggles, Kardashian inadvertently highlighted the difficulties that many aspiring lawyers face.

The bar exam is renowned for its complexity and rigorous demands, often requiring months of intensive preparation. Kardashian’s public acknowledgment of her failure helps destigmatize the notion of failure itself, demonstrating that even high-profile individuals encounter obstacles in their pursuits.