Popular African blogger, Linda ikeji, Slays In her #whatilooklikeinthemorning challenge

Linda ikeji, popular African blogger

The #10yearchallenge which has been trending on Social Media for a couple days now is about to take another phase. This time, it’s the #whatilooklikeinthemorning challenge, particularly to the female fold. #goosebumps!

Africa’s most famous blogger, Linda Ikeji uploaded on Instagram, a picture of her look without a hair wig on, makeups and the rest in what she called #whatilooklikeinthemorning challenge, to show her male counterpart how cute she still is without the makeovers.

She however urged other ladies to join in on the challenge by uploading natural face pictures of theirs without the makeover filters on Instagram. Uh….lala! She must be kidding!

Truth is that what women look like in the early hours of the morning before a bath is conspicuously different from wthe they look after the filters.

Obviously, a good makeover enhances your looks, feels, and confidence at all times. It may be artificial, but it sure serves it’s purpose.

Advancements in material science and technological refinement have made it possible to have products that suit the skin color, hair, hair texture and more. Such that with the present day technology, women appear so beautiful that you can hardly spot the ugly ones out.

So far, no one has had the courage to accept the challenge. However, her sister Laura Ikeji, CEO, the gang, accepted the challenge but wasn’t complete with it as she uploaded a picture of hers with her makeups on except for her hair wig. Well, guess she couldn’t garner the courage to do so.

Linda ikeji still looks stunning without the filter as she claims. But hey, we can spot a filter right there, and it’s her lashes. Yes! she’s got her lashes on.

Some fans say she looks like an old woman, while others say she still slays.

Guys, what do think 🤔 ?


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