“Dem De Rush My Pikin”, Linda Ikeji Says

#goosebumps! Wealthy African blogger Linda Ikeji, is really obsessed with her incredibly handsome son Jayce. She took to Instagram sharing beautiful pictures and postures of him with caption, “Jayce is just 4 and a half months old and he’s already buff…hahaha! Check out his muscles 😍😍😅😅😅. In about 18 years from now, you mums will have to hide your daughters. Dem dey rush my pikin 😅😅😅. Can’t get over how fast he’s growing and how handsome he is. And he’s such a happy boy!💃💃😍😍

Seriously can’t remember what my life was before he came into it”.

Recall how Ms Ikeji said she would care for her unborn child with such a devotion while she was still pregnant with him, which led her to buying a Bentley Mulsanne for him after he was born. She’s addicted to Jayce, and in no way sorry about it.

Jayce has filled up the vacuum in her heart that money in itself could not. And has made her experience what is like to be a mother. She can’t remember what life was before he came into it.

Come to think of it, perhaps she’s planning to hook him up at the age of 18. “In about 18 years from now, you mums will have to hide your daughters“. She wrote.

Anyways, it’s obvious that the young lad is fast growing up and, only time would tell.

However, in a few hours we’d get into the weekend. And so, we think  you might want to enjoy your weekend swiping through Jayce shared happy moments.

It’s becoming clearer who Jayce actually resembles judging between his mum Linda Ikeji, and his dad Jeremi Sholaye.

Who do you think baby Jayce looks like? Hit the comment section below.


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